District 25 – Kranji, Woodgrove, Woodlands

From District 25’s Woodlands, you can actually see Malaysia. There is the Causeway bridge which links Singapore and Malaysia together. District 25’s Kranji is an industrial area with a rich cultural history and the location of Singapore’s only racecourse.



Kranji is a large area with industrial buildings in the Kranji Industrial Park and it is home to the Singapore Turf Club, Singapore’s only racecourse for horse races. ‘Kranji’ stands for tamarind tree in Malay. In 1903, a railway was built here and was subsequently connected to Malaysia. Historically, Kranji was a significant battleground during the World War II where 40,000 soldiers from Australia, New Zealand and British Commonwealth died protecting Singapore. Today, the Kranji War Memorial is not only these brave soldiers’ final place; it is also the site honoring the exploits of these war heroes.


Currently Woodlands is a place with no woods despite its name but back in the earlier days, the place derived its name from the rubber plantations around the area. Widely known as the primary gateway to Malaysia through the Causeway, it is always jammed with thousands of workers traveling to and from Singapore and Malaysia daily. Woodlands, Marsiling and Admiralty zones make up this district. Previously, there were also poultry farms and villages amongst the rubber plantations.


The Kranji Industrial Estate primarily supports the construction industry with numerous businesses including Huation Inland Transport, SMRT Bus Limited and Kranji Motor Workshop. Timber and steel manufacturing as well as other raw materials imported from Malaysia are abundant here too with companies like South Asia Textiles and Regency Steel Asia. A branch of PUB Water Reclamation Plant is also located in Kranji Industrial Estate.

Places to go in Kranji include the Kranji Race Course, which is owned by the Singapore Turf Club. Here, horse-betting is held weekly. Created out of freshwater river, the Kranji Reservoir is a popular mangrove for fishermen.

Condominiums have begun to spring up in Woodlands, which used to be pre-dominantly occupied by HDB estates. A library, banks, the town council and a post office can be found in the 7-storey high Causeway Point. Built in 1983, the Woodlands Town Garden contains one of Singapore’s few lakes. Inspired by Singapore’s Malay and Chinese heritage, it is decorated with Chinese pavilions and Malay stilted huts. The Arasakesari Sivan Temple, a relic in Woodlands, is built in Dravidian style architecture and is devoted to the worship of the Hindu God, Shiva.

To pursue studies in arts, humanities and culture, look no further than the Republic Polytechnic, which houses the Republic Cultural Centre in Woodlands. There are also other schools like Evergreen Primary School, Evergreen Secondary School, Woodlands Primary School, Admiralty Primary School and many others.

Medical facilities include the Man Fut Tong Nursing Home and View Road Hospital.


To get to the Central Business District and other parts of Singapore, get onto the Mass Railway Transit (MRT) in the Kranji and Woodlands MRT Stations.

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