Singapore has more than 66,000 international students of 60 different nationalities. Foreign nationals have the choice of either studying in international schools which follow various international education systems or in government schools under the Singapore education system. The country’s bilingual policy has attracted many international students keen to sharpen their English and Mandarin proficiency.

Some of the reasons Singapore is a popular education hub are as follow:

  • Its education has won accolades from around the world.
  • Students benefit from the best of East and West.
  • Its multicultural environment is conducive for improving English and Mandarin proficiency.
  • Singapore is a safe city and is only a few hours away from major Asian cities.
  • Singapore has a high quality living environment with good healthcare, thriving arts and cultural scene, bustling nightlife and a wide array of international cuisine.
  • More than 14,000 multinational companies operating in Singapore offer good job and networking opportunities.
  • The excellent public transport system is a draw for international students.


The Singapore Education System

The Singapore education system comprises these main types of institutions:

  • Primary and secondary education
    – Government, government-aided and independent schools
    – Private schools
  • Post secondary education
  • Local universities, polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education


Singapore has a good number of international schools and it is common for foreigners to send their children to the schools which adopt the education systems and models similar to their parent country. Some of the international schools in Singapore are as follows:

  • Australian International School
  • Canadian International School
  • Dover Court Preparatory School
  • German European School
  • ISS International School
  • Japanese School Singapore
  • Lycee Fraincais De Singapour
  • Overseas Family School
  • Singapore American School
  • Singapore Korean School
  • Swiss School Singapore
  • United World College of S.E.A
  • Waseda Shibuya Senior High SchoolFor more information on Singapore education, please log on to

    To apply for admission to mainstream primary and secondary schools, international students need to take the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) test. For more information on the AEIS test and application process, please log on to

    For visa and student’s pass information, please check with Immigration and Checkpoints Authority